Quality Improvement Plan (QIP)

Children’s Services Central, like the other Professional Support Coordinators in other states and territories will have a key role in supporting services with changes that will need to be implemented as a result
of the NQF.



The Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) is based on self reflection. Education and care services need to prepare a QIP outlining which areas of the National Quality Standard (NQS) you believe your service needs to improve against. This will become your roadmap as you work to improve quality in these areas. You will be asked to submit your QIP prior to the assessment visit. The QIP needs to be updated annually.

All education and care services must complete a Quality Improvement Plan by 30 April 2012. ACECQA has developed a Quality Improvement Plan Template and a Guide to Developing a Quality Improvement Plan to support education and care service undertaking the development of their QIP.

Children’s Services Central provides a variety of NQF professional development and NQF support opportunities for eligible services. For more information on how to access these contact us on
1800 157 818
or via info@cscentral.org.au

Guide to Developing A Quality Improvement Plan - a link to PDF file Quality Improvement Plan Template - a link to PDF file QIP - NSW


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