Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) Professional Support

Children’s Services Central, like the Professional Support Coordinators in other states, will have a key role in assisting services to implement the EYLF within their service; a range of training options are currently being developed.

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The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) supports and provides guidance for educators working with children ages from birth to five years of age. The EYLF describes the principles, practice and outcomes essential for supporting and enhancing children’s learning and has a strong emphasis on play-based learning.

EYLF Practice Based Resources

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The EYLF Practice Based Resources have been sent to all early education and care services throughout Australia.

The EYLF Practice Based Resources have been designed to further engage educators to explore the key ideas of the EYLF and support the implementation of EYLF. This suite of resources provides a practice based in-depth overview of the Principles, Practices and Outcomes and provides useful everyday scenarios, activities and guidance to support further understanding of the EYLF. The EYLF Practice Based Resources closely align children’s early learning and developmental milestones with the Principles, Practices and Outcomes and provokes thinking and reflection of the EYLF.

The suite of resources include:

EYLF translated

The EYLF has been translated into Arabic, Chinese, Dinka, Hindi, Korean, Spanish, Somali, Thai, Turkish and Vietnamese and is now available.

To download the translated versions, go to www.ccccnsw.org.au/resources/eylf

Children’s Services Central provides EYLF professional development
and support

Children’s Services Central provides a range of professional development opportunities, support and resources to support educators with understanding and implementing the EYLF. Have a look at our current professional development opportunities at www.cscentral.org.au and type in EYLF to search for specific courses.

For more information on how to access professional development and support contact us on
1800 157 818 or via info@cscentral.org.au

EYLF Familiarisation Session – PSC Alliance

An introductory session to the EYLF.

EYLF Team Meeting Package

This package, containing PowerPoint presentations, guided experiences and reflective questions is designed to assist services in reflecting on the EYLF at their service.

Are you an EYLF Champion?

We would love to hear from you!

Email us at info@cscentral.org.au and let us know about your EYLF engagement and initiatives.

EYLF Support Resources

A Gowrie Australia resource to support educators to implement the EYLF.

ECA Early Years Learning Framework Professional Learning Program

A national program including an online interactive EYLF forum available to early education and care settings and educators, an EYLF e-newsletter and a series of short EYLF professional learning vignettes.

Professional Support from the Department of Education

The Educators’ Guide has been developed as a series of modules to explain, interpret and expand the Framework for early childhood educators. This resource has been distributed to services and is available for download on the the Australian Government Department of Education website.

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